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Yeniaras is a full service law office providing its clients with top quality services in Turkish and international business law, comprising litigation and consultancy through the most demanding domestic and cross-border transactional matters.

Our commitment to compliance with the internationally accepted rules of professional conduct and business ethics is at the very core of our approach to legal practice. Yeniaras has a sharp understanding of the unique commercial drivers that affect the businesses of its clients in assessing and minimizing the local and international transactional risks from a legal perspective.

We are also able to deliver legal knowledge and skills under different jurisdictions and in various languages through our international network of affiliated counsels and offices.


  • A Brief Look at Urban Regeneration in Turkey
    by M. Cem Yeniaras
  • Commercial Litigation in Turkey: How Does It Work?
    by M. Cem Yeniaras
  • Workplace Violence and Mobbing
    by Arın Gül Yeniaras
  • Gates Opening for Expropriation Claims - Is the Bosphorus the Next Super-Project?
    by M. Cem Yeniaras
  • Renunciation of Turkish Citizenship
    by Arın Gül Yeniaras


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